What the #!@& is Gallabaloo!?

Good question. This is a unique opportunity to listen to amazing music, eat and mingle. Invite family members, friends or just yourself and enjoy everything from rock, alternative country, bluegrass, punk rock and everything in between being played by local and national artists.

Live Music

There's going to be a variety of bands being shown at Gallabaloo. So no matter your taste in music is, you are bound to have fun.

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Fire hooping

Yes, we even have professional fire hoopers.


The venue is at Darcey's Pub & Grub. Enjoy time with family and friends before and after the event.

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band List

We've brought together local and national artists to bring you the 4th Annual Gallabaloo. Click on each band name for a sample of their music.
  • Whiskey Daredevils
  • Dredneks
  • Ron Yarosz and the Vehicle
  • Roger Montgomery
  • Lords of the Highway
  • Bob Kellogg's My 3 Scum/Coffin Bangers
  • Sean Patrick and The Newgrass Revolution
  • Matty B and the Dirty Pickles
  • Bootlegger's Bible Club
  • Matt "Broke" Boland
  • Joe Nameless
  • Katelyn Richards (NYC)
  • Justin Moyar
  • Jess-O-Lantern (NYC)
  • Matt Texter

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The 4th Annual Gallabaloo event is going to be held at Darcy's Pub and Grub. Darcy's Pub and Grub is located near Presque Isle State Park, restaurants, motels and hotels.

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